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Stay Home, Stay Strong

It’s day four of Indiana Elder Abuse Awareness Week, and staying mentally and physically strong can help you avoid abuse and exploitation. But staying strong right now can be a challenge if you’re practicing social distancing. You might not feel comfortable heading back to the gym, and walks aren’t an option for everyone. So we want to provide you with some simple movements you can do in your home without fitness equipment.

We asked Austin Shoemaker, a personal trainer in Indianapolis, to provide us with an exercise demonstration. Each movement Austin demonstrates can be done in repetitions of 10-20 with up to 3 sets each, depending on your level of fitness and comfort.

Before watching the video, we want to remind you that safety comes first:

  • Know your limits and be careful not to over-exert yourself.

  • Use supports as necessary, such as chairs, railings, walls, or even a loved one.

  • Talk to your doctor before starting any new activity.

If you’re interested in getting in touch with Austin, he can be contacted by email at

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